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My Entertainment Law Practice: Spanning The Decades And Still Looking Forward

I am attorney Alan Abrams, and with more than 45 years of experience in the entertainment business in Hollywood and beyond, I have earned my distinguished reputation as an effective problem-solver and deal-maker.

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Alan Abrams

My clients and previous employers have included high-profile actors, producers, Independent production companies, athletes, and filmmaking companies. Today, I select cases carefully to devote my energy where I can maximize the impact of my talents.

How My Practice Began And How I Continue To Have An Impact

After starting out my legal career as a staff attorney and assuming other similar positions for filmmaking operations and related enterprises, I founded The Law Office of Alan Abrams with diverse experience and in-depth knowledge as a solid base.

Over the years, I have helped many key players overcome obstacles and get things done in the entertainment world. As a pioneer in the area of entertainment law in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the San Fernando Valley, I have enabled many standout entertainers and production companies to make career-changing transactions and keep excelling.

Many in the entertainment industry say that I think outside the box, but my creativity never overshadows my steel-nerved aim for wins that my clients can count on. I ply my trade in a calm, methodical manner, always with a steady purpose of positioning each artist, athlete, producer, or investor for stability and success.

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You may have arrived at this website through referrals or prior knowledge of my achievements and capabilities. Or, you may have landed here by chance. Perhaps you wonder whether my long-lived law practice is well-suited to your purposes.

Whatever your goals are, I welcome your inquiry if my legal services sound potentially applicable to your production, financing or distribution needs in the world of entertainment.

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