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About My Well-Developed Entertainment Law Practice

I am Alan Abrams, a respected and active entertainment law attorney still much in demand after several decades in practice. From the 1980s until the present, I have handled a great many high-profile entertainment cases involving far-reaching film and television programming production enterprises.

Formerly employed by the Writer’s Guild, Paramount Pictures and other production companies and financing entities, I have devoted my attention to entertainment law clients through my private law practice since 1991. Those using the services of The Law Office of Alan Abrams have included prominent actors, singers, athletes, agents and production managers in Hollywood and beyond.

I Am Known For Innovation And Calm, Methodical Strategies That Work

With more than 45 years of experience in entertainment law practice, I have brokered, negotiated and facilitated deals with expansive impact in the world of television and film. Contracts, licensing and endorsement agreements all fall within the menu of services that I provide through my law firm.

Many clients as well as legal peers and contacts in the television and film industries have called me a pioneer in entertainment law in Southern California. Observers comment on my ability to think outside the box and apply creativity to bring about industry-shaking deals – but without drama or fanfare. Even when skeptics question the feasibility of my proposals, I get things done for the benefit of my talented and ambitious clients. My work ethic, innovative mindset and cutting-edge perspective have enabled me to keep performers, producers and others ahead of the pack in their respective fields of endeavor.

Bring Your Hopes And Questions To My Attention

Are you an actor looking for an attorney to review a film production contract? Are you a production manager in need of assistance in negotiations and/or regulatory compliance? Are you a content creator interested in intellectual property protection, licensing or royalties? Whatever challenges are in your way, turn to me, attorney Alan Abrams, for reliable counsel and representation in any area of entertainment law.

To schedule a consultation, call 310-920-8556  or send a message requesting a prompt callback. Your inquiry will receive my full attention.